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released August 1, 2017

Matt Hart--Guitar & Vocals
Eric Appleby--Bass & Vocals
Pete Janidlo--Drums

Recorded & Mixed by Mike Montgomery
Candyland--Dayton, KY


all rights reserved



NEVERNEW Cincinnati, Ohio

NEVERNEW makes high energy, melodic racket + noise. They love IPAs, hard cider, books and nonsense. They've been playing together off and on for 25 years, but this time it's for real. Believe it! Find us on Instagram @nevernewband.

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Track Name: Fight Song for the Academy (Demo)

This day of racket
and everybody squirreling
My idiot heart won’t stop beating the distance,
no, never,
and neither should yours
We all have ragged fingers
Sometimes it’s too much winter,
formulaic people crushing people
smoldering cars
I have a desire I have a desire
to build you up in lightning, make it glow
In love with your fire, so weird in your wire
Your head against my heart, won’t let it go

It’s more than anthemic,
this screaming romantic,
the thorns and owls entangled
empathetic with our arms out
lumbering stars

When no one’s watching
out for each other
our lungs like punctured
weather on the pavement, spinning
heartbreak into dumb wars
Track Name: Turn to Stone (Demo)

Tore my stars apart,
so we were all messed up,
with fearful dust and light
and both our names in flight
And with our wings almost lost,
I went to the store
and focused on the sky,
but all I got were cries

in the fire pit where people tossed me heaven-shit
while the lightning chattered nervously through all of it
and no one in the mist dared to remember us
as we returned to stone

Ripped my swan to blood
It was beautiful,
and someone caught the soul
embedded in my fall
I returned to drag you home,
but you were only lonely
and it rubbed off on my car
I left you to you war

in the water-pit where I knew you were dangerous
in the open air and swirling auditorium
you performed until trap door fell on both of us
and turned us both to stone

I could see, if you pressed me, going on like this for eons
with a bear hug round an open heart
and I could see if you pressed me, we might learn a better drunk kiss
with our friends outside a liquor store
and maybe if we hadn’t left us in the forest,
we’d be found there in the thawing spring with roses
and a terrible swift angel

Got my anxious fog
another rearview mirror
and you’re always in its glare
How can I prepare
When the surging waters fall
I think an ocean’s come to brush
my stupid hair,
but I’m alone who cares
Track Name: F-ed Up (Demo)

All the wasted days of me
are more than I can speak
All the rabbits and all the sparks
all the terrible terrible trees
Burning up in California
going dark without any water
Ash surfs on an eagle’s wing

Clap your fists and stomp your teeth
So nobody else can see
Watch the rowboat as it sinks
and don’t forget to blink
How the sun becomes a flood
and forces us to dust
Hatchet chops an angel’s wing

Dear nowhere, I’m lidless
and ghostly Spanish moss grows out of a hearse
We’re so fucked, you can hear it
and all the lights flick on and off and on
And the burn on my arm becomes a scar

Tear your hearts out at the root,
and go to the wall where we sing
all the guns that execute
and make the ear worms ring
New Year’s ever is over and done
and now the winking starts
Laser scalds an airplane’s wing

Dear gumdrop, I’m witless
and you’re a cake of sand I get to eat
We’re so fucked, you can feel it
and every dance we get is awfully pink
And the death on the moth becomes a star
Track Name: Vanishing Point (Demo)
Today I’m movin’ slow
but I want you to know my plan--
a fortune in the snow
and coffee black as horses
racing and you’re gorgeous

Forget last winter’s curse
I’ll never make it worse again
Blood song in my ear
buds, violets every morning,
you’re never less than gorgeous

I’m seeing you
through syrup blue
My eyes won’t shut for fear
that you might vanish
Please believe it dear
I’ve never been this clear, I swear
Let’s run away
so we don’t vanish

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